I am almost done prototyping a very special fuzz that can do touch sensitive clean-up fuzz, roaring brutal doom and dub siren sounds.


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I hand make guitar picks from galalith/casein which is the closest thing you'll find in sound to turtle shell. They take a while to make, but they are absolutely worth the time. Let those turtles live and play these instead!


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K D'letta put out Film in 2020

Nightmares of Christ  put out 5 singles in

2020 and 2021


Meat Marionette contacted me and the resulting track came out on 

We Believe in Chaos vol. 3

Feel free to contact me for any reason – if you’re looking for someone to play music with, if you want music recorded, videos or photos shot or someone to make your ideas a reality be it a pedal, a pick or a stringed instrument.

Get in touch at:



Phone: +45 61 30 52 78


Instagram: @kdletta


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