You've reached the homepage of the Danish artist, musician and luthier

K (Jens Christian Harkjær Larsen).


You might as well stick around and check out the music, photography, videos, art and musical instruments/effects pedals that I have made over the years.


You'll find that I've recorded and played most any kind of music from freak out impro to old time music to blackened doom and from klezmer music to speedcore.


Why? Well, my main focus is about getting into the zone, it's been about the jam and about improviing to find new perspectives on the world and to create pathways to other worlds real or imagined.


Get in touch if you want to book one of my projects or have me join yours, have me make you some musical instrument or pedal, if you want me to photograph or film your band or if you have any questions.


So what's been going on?

- I have relocated to Denmark after 5 years in Austin, Texas.

- I have a doom band called Nightmares of Christ . The 5 first tracks are online now:


- I put out an album as K D'letta called Film that is intended for headcleaning during powernaps.

- I am building fuzz pedals - here's how I started out. I mainly use recycled or vintage NOS components:

I'll be putting up photos and demos of the ones I've built so far on the fuzz page.


I can build you one - or you can look inside and try to see if you can build one yourself. The sounds can range from sweet and cleaning up nicely with using the volume control to extremely violently sounding machines - all of which I use for recording the Nightmares of Christ guitars and basses.

- I collaborated with Meat Marionette on a blackened speedcore track for the compilation We Believe in Chaos vol. 3 where I provided noise, voice and insanity and he arranged and mixed it with his own sounds and madness:

- I have restored and am playing a couple of old mandolins that were in dire need of repairs - here is one of them getting restored:

Feel free to contact me for any reason – if you’re looking for someone to play music with, if you want music recorded, videos or photos shot or someone to make your ideas a reality,

Get in touch at:



Phone: +45 61 30 52 78


Instagram: @kdletta


Twitter: @klarseen




everything on this page is copyrighted by me, so If you want to use images, videos or music presented on this site - please contact me.