Active projects

K D'letta (2020 -


Electronic soundscapes for taking your mind apart and putting it back together again. Solo electronic/electric act.


Nightmares of Christ (2020 -


Heavy doom ridden tunes about the nightmares of Christ. Started in Austin, TX with Van der Vance and Fetus X.



Kuno (2010 -


Acoustic songs written at the edge - solo

Inactive projects

Octodog (2017 - 2018)


Improvising fuzzed out jams at mindnumbing loudness jammed out in Austin, TX with Tyler, Gabe and Brian.


The United Imaginations (2013 - 2014)


Imagining worlds through sounds together with Jakob Foli Larsen

Hyklersvin (2008 -2010)


Modified electronics and homemade instruments created new ways of seeing - solo feat. Mia Irina Due on Ode til Fædrelandet on Buphoni

Haenderne (and Haenderne med ven) (2010)


Absurdist improvised sound and music created on homemade instruments - mostly recording in nature. All improvised with Jakob Foli Larsen and our friend (ven) Nikolaj Sahlstrøm.

His Mouth Is an Eye (2007 - 2011)


Collaborating with Zemekky (Alexander Adams), of Lurker Bias label fame in Chicago, over a 4 year period, this became an album containing collages of dreams both real and imagined


Meat Marionette feat K D'letta - Many Fists Destiny (2020). We played music together back in the 90s and early 2000s and for once we finished a track which got released on the compilation We Believe in Chaos vol. 3  on the German Speedcore Worldwide Audio Netlabel.


It's an intense compilation to say the least and the track before this one is called The Mouse Getting Squashed in a Door by an artist called Drillbit and is most defintely NSFW - not that it is likely that this would be the kind of music you would listen to at work.