The United Imaginations have been reborn into a new YouTube collaboration between me and my friend Mr. Snilla Pilla Poppa. We take AI to the limits to see how far we can push this new technology into the realm of the absurd.

There will be narrative videos created like this one:

A bunch of episodes with this Corny Cobb character:

Blue Pill Reviews of products that absolutely does not exist:

I am done prototyping a very special fuzz that can do touch sensitive clean-up fuzz, roaring brutal doom and dub siren sounds.


Go to the pedals page to see what I built on the way to get here.

I hand make guitar picks from galalith/casein which is the closest thing you'll find in sound to turtle shell. They take a while to make, but they are absolutely worth the time. Let those turtles live and play these instead!


Go to the pick page to see more

K D'letta put out Film in 2020

Nightmares of Christ  put out 4 singles in

2020 and 2021



Meat Marionette contacted me and the resulting track came out on 

We Believe in Chaos vol. 3

Feel free to contact me for any reason – if you’re looking for someone to play music with, if you want music recorded, videos or photos shot or someone to make your ideas a reality be it a pedal, a pick or a stringed instrument.

Get in touch at:



Phone: +45 61 30 52 78


Instagram: @kdletta


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